What type of women do other women dislike most on White Day?

About 42.7 percent of women dislike other women who ask their boyfriends to give them a luxury bag in return for a lot of folded-paper cranes to mark White Day, a survey said Monday.

White Day is a day that is marked in Japan and South Korea on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is observed here by females who present chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to a boyfriend, as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. White Day is observed with the men paying back women who have given them chocolate on Valentine's Day with usually candy instead of chocolate, with an additional later Black Day (April 14) observed for those sharing singleness.

Some 36.4 percent of women surveyed said they dislike women who boast of their boyfriends, according to a survey of 421 women employees and jobseekers. The survey was conducted by, a job portal.

Other women said they dislike women who ask their boyfriends to hold an “event” for them on White Day; who complain that the gift they receive from their boyfriends was too small; and who receive gifts from several men, though they have a boyfriend.

I just want some candies. candies candies !!!!

I'm different with other women. I would be happy for anything that my boyfriend gives me except a lot of folded-paper cranes(This is a totally outdated present)  I just want him to show his sincere heart to me and to love me for a long time. Exchanging some presents makes people's love material. 

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