Movie "Blind (2012)" Review


I don't like horror movies or thriller movies a lot. I thought "Why do i have to be shuddered with dread as i pay money?" But this movie totally changed my mind. 

This two people are main characters. The left woman(her name is Sua) is a blind person and the right boy(Gi sub) is a young troublemaker. Two people pursue a murder suspect. 

Sua and her guide dog(her name is Dal-e) are waiting to cross the street at crosswalk.
Crossing the road is no problem for common people but it is very hard thing for her. Watching this scene, I felt " i became a blind "

In the movie, she had been in a police academy before she lost her sight in the accident.  

This scene is that she witness a accident. She use every her sense and what she learned in the academy. It is very helpful to the criminal investigation.

Gi sub is the other witness. he appear a young rebel but his memory and sight are a great help to trace the suspect. 

They say what they saw in the accident and their testimonies are quite different. But they finally settle their disagreement cooperate with each other. 

This scene was very thrilling. The person who is standing behind sua is the murder.

She falls on the platform.

he calls her secretly and let her know where the murder is now.

Police men. He isn't the murder. lol

She sacrifices herself for sua. I was so sad. 

This dog is quite famous in Korea and she appears in many Korean movies. 
She starred as the main character in "마음이(Ma em e)"

I highly recommend this movie to you all !


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