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Korea's chuseok

Chuseok is korea's big holiday. Chuseouk means the half month of August(lunar calendar) In these days, Korean people gather in the houses of their relatives and eat many delicious foods and have a good time.
I would like to introduce typical chuseouk foods
                                        1. Song pyeon, Song pyeon is a kind of rice cakes.
2. Toran soup(taro soup)
2. Jeon(pan cake), Korean jeon is very light and nuturitious
3.Well-oiled vegetables, Generally it is said that  vegetables are very nuturitious and light but oiled vegetables have high-calorie.
4. Nureum juk or Hwayang juk (a kind of egg-coated shish kebab )
5. Japchae(mixed dish of boiled bean threads)
6. Yack gwa(cookies made with flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon and ginger juice )
7. Yugwa(oil-and-honey pastry )


British Girl Group Release Korean-Version of Hit Song

A popular British girl group that has never visited the country released a Korean-language version of their hit song "Wings" on Monday. None of the girls speak the language.

Little Mix, winner of last year's "X Factor," a popular TV audition show in Britain, jumped to fame with the single when it topped the U.K. singles chart last year.

The four girls now hope for more success with the new Korean version, which they sang entirely in Korean except for the central refrain.

The project started when the band saw a video clip of a contestant singing "Wings" on "K-pop Star," an audition show on SBS TV, in June. They were greatly impressed and decided to experiment with a foreign-language release.


North Korea Instagram Videos Prove Hermit Kingdom Is Just As Depressing As You Thought

If the North Korean propaganda machine is to be believed, the Hermit Kingdom is a rare oasis of beauty, Pyongyang a bustling metropolis, the North Korean people a bundle of energy and happiness and its leaders a source of strength and compassion.
These Instagram videos, however, uploaded by AP photojournalist David Guttenfelder, show anything but a cheery nation. From a dark Pyongyang skyline to desolate highways, the Hermit Kingdom appears as depressing as most always imagined it.
Guttenfelder has made several trips to North Korea since the Associated Press opened a bureau there. In December, the photographer described his experiences in a post for the AP: "My window on North Korea is sometimes, quite literally, a window – of a hotel room, the backseat of a car, a train. Fleeting moments of daily life present themselves suddenly, and they are opportunities to show a side of the country that is entirely at odds with the official portrait of marching troops and tightly coordinated pomp that the Pyongyang leadership presents to the world."
Despite DPRK accounts portraying Pyongyang as a cosmopolitan wonder, almost all the lights turn off at night.
The path between a world capital and a busy industrial complex... empty.
When state propaganda is a fact of life. 
Demonstrations of the military's might are never far away.
A sparsely populated dividing line separates two worlds, North and South Korea.
Perhaps this country landscape best captures the reality of life in the isolated nation --quiet, desolate and foreign.

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North Korea Instagram Videos Prove Hermit Kingdom Is Just As Depressing As You Thought

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