Who do you think is the best fashion leader in celebrities now?

LG fashion, Shinwon etc, Several major fashion companies investigated who has an exceptional sense of style in world celebrities. They selected Obama as the best dresser and Kim jong il as the worst dresser. They said Obama is casually and formally dressed well and his nice body makes him looking good. But North Korea's Kim jong il sticked to his own style(a Mao suite, big sunglasses, elevator shoes) I think he didn't care of his body and he might feel satisfied to wear those items. Here is the list.


Best dresser                                     Worst Dresser
1th Barack Obama (38%)                   1th Kim jong il (48%)

2th Nicolas Sarkozy (28%)                 2th Hu jintao (18%)

3th Kate Middleton (18%)                   3th Gadaffi (14%)

4th Dmitry Medvedev (6%)                 4th Lee myungbak (8%)

5th Ban ki moon (4%)                       5th Barack Obama (6%)

6th Kim jong il (4%)                          6th Nicolas Sarkozy (4%)

7th Lee myungbak (2%)                    7th Angela Merkel (2%)

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