Amazing Internet Speed in Korea

A result which compares the Internet speed of nations is drawing attention online.
A Swedish web-consulting enterprise, Pingdom, has recently made public the comparison of last year's nations' Internet speed. According to this result, Korea marked first with 17 megabytes per second, which is an outperforming result compared to the others.
Korea has even outpaced Hong Kong, which came second, showing double the speed of Hong Kong. It seems like South Korea deserves to be the IT powerhouse since it came first even in the category of Internet download speed, also in which it outperformed other countries.
For Korea to have become such a country with the most advanced IT, many factors have played a role including Korea's high population density and Koreans' national character, according to which you should do everything quickly. Of course, this type of national character may have negative effects but in this case it acted as a positive one.
Still, if we only focus on the speed of Internet and neglect other aspects, we may be losing more important things. I hope Korea can become an IT powerhouse which receive recognition from other nations also in the aspects of Internet etiquette and privacy.

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