OSulloc Tea Fields Jeju Island

The Seogwang tea field surrounding the O'Sulloc Tea Museum covers 240.000 pyeong. It's one of the three green tea fields on Jeju Island owned by AmorePacific Company.

If you visit, take a half a day. If you take part in a tour, you'll be quite rushed if you want to take photos and really absorb the information and atmosphere in the museum. Jeju Island is very hot and humid from mid spring to fall and a good walk through the fields will leave you feeling wilted. But take a good walk all around the museum and down the road.

Go to the restaurant to recharge with an iced green tea or green tea ice cream and relax inside or on the shady patio.

Watch the video about the Museum to get a quick glimpse of why you'll need at least two or three hours here. Not to be missed if you want a little tea culture.

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