the World Media are anxious about Japan's ultraright


Yesterday, Germany's influential daily journal Süddeutsche Zeitung said about the conflicts of territories & history distortions that japan is making now. they pointed out, "Japan government hasn't been trying to apologize their faults and repent of it's past sins." the daily introduced Japan's all of their past terrible misdeeds such as Korean sex slaves, forced conscription, compulsory labour, Having Koreans changed their names to Japanese names, annihilation of Korean cultures, the deprivation of Korea's diplomacy. Also they said about Japan's insistence of Dokdo (an island), "Japan should accept Korea's actual ruling on Dokdo, there is nothing for japan to lose when they accept that." a few days ago, 3 japanese (the member of Congress) tried to visit Korea's another island to show their protest. it was quite controversial in Korea. Now, Not only Korea (Dokdo) but also China (Senkaku) & Russia (Kuril) are on the territory conflicts with Japan. I think it's time for Japan to look back on their past and think of a progressive step as one of the leader countries.

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