the truth of Korean War (6.25 War in 1950)

61 years have passed since Korea War happened. Although it's armistice agreement was signed 58 years ago, Some of anti-americans & pro-north korean leftists in S.Korea have insisted that all responsibilities of Korean War are belong to S.Korea. This time, One of the professionals about the cold war history and Korean war, Ann Weathersby expressed her opinion against this dispute.

She was the person who has studied the confidential documents about the Communist bloc's declassification. She said that Korean war was started by North Korea and that was planned precisely by Soviet Union,China, N.Korea. Some people said that the main reason of Korean War was just because of their ideological confrontations between the left and the right. but she opposed it and said "Korean War was planned". She insisted that Kim il sung first suggest breaking into S.Korea and Stalin accepted that, Mao zedong supported that last.

She said like this "I was so surprised that there are many koreans who don't believe N.Korea's first invasion to S.Korea. I think that is so deplorable." I heard that there are many spies depatched from N.Korea in S.Korea. they have been sneaking into the several important organizations like political party, social party. they're trying to stir people's mind to make them anti-government people and use them to make other people in same. their war isn't finished.

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  1. Nachdem die USA im 2. Weltkrieg mit der Sowjetunion kämpften, kämpften sie in Korea plötzlich gegen den Kommunismus.


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