Korea protests US agency’s support for 'Sea of Japan'

Japan, it's Limitless Greed to Korea's territory & Sea

Korea has lodged an informal protest against a U.S. government-funded agency’s suggestion to use Japan’s name for the body of water between the two Asian nations in the world’s most-cited guideline for maps, diplomatic sources said Monday.

The protest came after a U.S. maritime-boundary agency recently notified the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) that it only backed the usage of “Sea of Japan” in the guideline, they said. Britain has echoed the view, they added.

This is the latest setback to the Korean government’s long-time efforts to replace the appellation with “East Sea” in the guideline in what appears to be a campaign to root out one of the longest surviving legacies of Japan’s colonial rule of Korea from 1910 to 1945.

In the first step toward the name replacement, the government has tried to have the area dually named, “Sea of Japan or East Sea” in the guideline for the past two years. An updated version will be published by the IHO in years to come.

A working-level meeting is underway at the IHO to iron out geographical name-related conflicts in the process of updating its hydrographic dictionary, titled Limits of Oceans and Seas.
The latest version was published in 1953. Back then, the government had no chance to take care of the matter due to the 1950-53 Korean War.

Yonhap News Agency reported Monday that U.S. and British experts in the meeting submitted a written suggestion to the IHO that the geographical name of the sea remains intact, citing unidentified diplomatic sources.

The Sea of Japan has been the dominant appellation of the waters, commonly adopted by cartographers. More than 70 percent of world maps refer to the disputed ocean as “Sea of Japan.”
The foreign ministry refused to confirm this, citing the nature of the meeting. “The ongoing meeting is closed-door, so I cannot confirm anything regarding the matter,” said a high-ranking foreign ministry official.
Another official dealing with the issue played down the significance of the reported suggestion by the two Western powers.

“The ongoing meeting is not decisive. Participants in the meeting don’t have any right to decide anything regarding the appellation,” the official said. “The alleged suggestion will be submitted to the IHO general meeting next year merely as background information.”
The general meeting, slated for April next year, will decide how to name the body of water between Korea and Japan through a vote by 80 member countries. The alleged suggestion to the IHO by the U.S. and British experts was not immediately available.

The controversial name of the sea has been one of the two subjects of territorial disputes between Korea and Japan, along with Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo.
The controversial suggestion came amid already soured Seoul-Tokyo relations following three right-wing Japanese lawmakers’ attempt to visit Ulleung Island, the closest island to Dokdo. The lawmakers intended to unleash what Koreans call “groundless" allegations that “Dokdo belongs to Japan.”

The Korean government blocked the entry of the three lawmakers from the opposition Liberal Democratic Party at a Seoul airport, citing the Immigration Control Act that enables the government to deny the entry of foreign citizens whose purpose of visiting is “obviously to deal a blow to the country’s public interest and safety.”

I guess, Japan lobbied U.S & U.K. as fast as they could before Korea did something. Korea couldn't help being betrayed even the most alliance - U.S. That isn't reasonable. It seems like the exploitation of past Japanese colonialism. it's clearly infringement of sovereignity. Koreans speculated about the reasons of current Japan's infringement. One of those is that Japan is now making the base for exodus because of it's terrible earthquake. Lately, I heard Many Japanese bought the houses and lands in Busan, Korea. They said, "they want to be free from earthquake fear" and"Korea Busan (Second biggest city in Korea near Japan Fukuoka) is located close to Japan."  Someday, Japanese may try to break into mainland Korea.  

Now Many Countries are arguing with Japan about the territory or Ocean. I know the lobby is one of the diplomatic means. but there are many exact data that can make sure East Sea, Dokdo belong to Korea. Japan's fake lobby must not justify this truth. Also Korea have to take all actions they can make to annul this announcement. if not, Korea will be deprived of all important things by Japan.


  1. Hi Rui, I took the liberty of uploading your post pertaining to EAST SEA to my blog, wishing more people to see the truth and understand what it means to name officially the EAST SEA as sea of Japan when it has never been and just simply is not. Hope the IHO and the US & UK realize the sensitivity of the matter in question and see if they can verify Japan's outrageous claim instead of taking a side for the reason that one was used more for the recent 100 years.. The fact that one country was able to manipulate the history while it's governing the other must be taken into consideration.

  2. thank you so much yooyorker. Your posting will be great help for people to know the truth. i totally agree with you, japan isn't showing any specific & reasonable materials or data to approve their rights about dokdo & east sea.

    you can watch the evidence that korean opinion is unreliable.


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