the behind story of Arirang concert

Severe Shortage of food and miserable damages of rainfall couldn't control N.Korea's desire for making money. Arirang concert is started a concert that praise it's country's system and it's head Kim jong il from 1. Aug.
it is composed of group gymnastics, art performances, a card section. it is known for people's mechanical moving. but people have to be disciplined for this performance very strictly. they have been forced to train, During the training, Usually Many N.Korea people get injured on their muscles & ligaments.

Some of them are fractured and suffer from malnutrition. Besides, for making up for training time, the inspectors don't give them little water and force them to hold one's pee. Most of them suffer from dysury & cystitis. Although N.Korea won't be expected to improve human rights, the world should take care of it, Until Now Many N.Koreans & N.Korea's children have been distressed for contributing to their terrible country.

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