On Japan's anti-Hallyu media censorship

Recently Japan's right wing media, celebrities and organizations have been claiming a controversy theory that K-Pop Korean Wave is a conspiracy plot by the Korean government, the government is sponsoring the growth, and so on.
K-Pop has been greeted with an explosive response and popularity in Europe all over the world, especially in Europe. Japanese right wing's this kind of response is being criticized as a self-isolating, self-preserving action.
Korea has been known for the development in IT, construction, ship building, and car industry, as well as entertainment. For international growth of Korean entertainment industry, Korea has been pursuing openness, investment, and international competitiveness.
Saying that K-Pop, which is hugely popular in Japan right now, is hurting the economy and culture of Japan is not an appropriate thing to say for Japan, as it creates an anti-Korean, anti-hallyu sentiment, and it is not something a developed nation would say.
Perhaps those right wings in Japan should look back at their own entertainment industry's reality instead of creating anti-Korean movements to degrade Korean drama, K-Pop, and other Korean cultures.

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