Son Yeol Eum - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1

Son Yeol Eum

Korea National Arts of University
Hannover National College of Music -Germany

Last 30th June Night, At the concert hall in Moscow, There was Tchaikovsky competition - One of the top three music comepition. She hold the second place in the piano part. As you know, the Piano is regarded as the flower of the competition. Noth only she hold the second place but also she gained glory getting a prize
in 37 years as a korean. Son yeol eum (25) her korean name means "Bearing Fruits" made by her mother.

. She is called a piano genius in Korea. She was selected as the first member of Korea Music prodigy program of Geum ho Culture institute and gave a recital in 1998.

I heard that She choosed a very diffiult Rakhmaninoff 's piano concerto said "Only the god play it"
 purposely. She said, "I want to play this from before and to be touched with playing it"

"I don't care about the rank that much. just I want to enjoy playing piano.
I want people to feel shuddered from my playing & music itself."




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