Sunny (2011) - 6 Million Korean People Go to See 'Sunny'

The film "Sunny" had attracted more than 6 million viewers on Sunday, two months after its release. The film portrays the friendship of women in their 40s.

According to the Korean Film Council, "Sunny" has lured 6.05 million spectators since its release on May 4, becoming the first Korean film to surpass the 6 million mark this year. "The Man from Nowhere," released on Aug. 4 last year, was the last Korean film to hit the mark.

The success of "Sunny" is being attributed to its appeal to a wide range of age groups. It tells the story of two women who remember their schooldays at the end of the 1980s and thus captivated both teenagers and those in their 20s as well as those in their 40s or older.

The key was that it managed to draw many viewers on weekdays thanks to its popularity among cinema-goers in their 40s or 50s. "Sunny" is currently the most viewed film in Korea among both Korean and foreign films, ahead of "Kung Fu Panda 2," which has been seen by 4.91 million people so far.

Yesterday, I go out with my korean friend to see this movie. "Sunny" I want to see Transformer 3 too.but she strongly recommended this movie to me. "if you want to know korea more, just see this. it will be helpful for you to understand korean culture"

this movie covers 7 teenage girl's memory (school life, love etc...)and their reunion when they became the adults.
I'm not good at korean. but I could understand the movie's message roughly.

this movie was quite interesting and funny. (surely there was a sad scene too) it seems to attract many korean people with showing heroines' beautiful memory and describing chracters' creative personality well.

I heard this movie is getting more popular and popular over the ages. It seems to have power to form a social consensus in korea society.

7 heroines ( called "Sunny") The girl who grips her red bag is the main character "Na-mi"
this movie shows how she is getting harmonized with Sunny (other 6 members)

They made lots of memory. I was quite impressed by their recreation cultures. I felt, past korean culture showed from those characters is so warm.

It is a La Boum's parody scene.

I can't find this movie's eng lyrics yet. After I find it, I will link or attach.


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