Kim il-sung was murdered by his son ?

 did this person it ? really ?

17 years have passed from the death of Kim il sung and there have been a lot of rumors for that in North Korea.

North Korea government said that he died of natural causes. but Some of North Korea's high-ranking officials and experts guessed, "Kim il-sung was murdered by his son Kim jong-il"

Before his death (1994), Mr. Kim seems to be very healthy to take care of the North-South Korean talks & Nuke systems and he avowed that he can control for 10 years more. they said, there might be several conflicts between Kim il-sung & Kim jong-il in the difference in opinion about the North-South Korean talks (At that time, Kim jung il objected to it) that made him (Kim il-sung) feel guilty.

they said, His natural death could be plotted by his son jong-il. this opinion is gaining ground more and more.
Anonymous North Korean officials carefully prospected that Kim jong il will be murdered by his son jong-eun like he did to his father in the near future.

i got this news today morning on Korea portal site, this article was quite interesting. it reminds the kingdom's past power strife. their regression is keep going.

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