Skinny North Korean Soldiers

North Korea is suffering greatly from another famine these days. North Korea's most prosperous grain field is HwangHaeDo, but recently it has been reported that many people starved to death in this area so the devastation is apparent. 

This means other areas of North Korea are in even worse conditions. The total population of HwangHaeNamDo is close to 2 million people, but from the recent famine almost 60,000 people starved to death. North Korea is truly in a very tragic state. Last year they were hit with floods and earlier this year there was a critical drought that swept through the nation, but the worst perpetrator for this famine is the North Korean government. 

Despite the natural disasters, the government still took all the produces from the people to give as rations to the army and the leading figures living in the capitol. This year's production hasn't even reached one tenth of last year's, but the North Korean government is taking the same amount for themselves as they always did. 

That is why the people are left with nothing. There is a saying that is going around in North Korea, which is "Stealing or murdering, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you survive. Whoever survives is the hero." Now North Korea is nothing but a sad nation ruled by a devastating food chain with the people underneath and the ruling party on top.

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