Why doesn't Japan apologize for historic brutalities?

Japan has claimed Dokdo belongs to itself and published three more high school textbooks including this assertion. I think Japan's thoughtless remarks reached its peak. According to International law, Korea has dominated Dokdo and it obviously belong to Korea historically and geographically. However, Japan has said that Dokdo is in dispute with Korea on the textbooks for teaching young students distorted historical facts. More shocking point is that Japan strongly insults China when China declares the sovereignty about Diaoyudao which is actually ruled by Japan.

"Mine is Mine and Yours is also Mine" is this Japanese style? What the hell this? I heard that many japanese is preparing for the movement Busan, Korea to live without any worries about earthquakes and radioactivity. It is very unconscionable. Japan should stop claiming about Dokdo and look back on its shameful past as a leader country. 

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