The wind blows

The wind blows. I'm feeling here so lonely and sad.

After having my hair cut, I'm on my way to go home with shedding tears.

Sky is getting dark and overcast. Cold raindrops are falling on the dark roads.

I feel like this raining have already stopped.

The world isn't changed and time still goes.

Only i have been changed.

My empty hope is being scattered and removed in the winds.

The wind blows. I remind my past time in the chill air.

I know that you turned your back to me in the last summer.

The days that i couln't sleep well with love for you, which may not be special for you.

Love is tragedy. You aren't i. My memories are recognized differently.

My farewell's done without saying good bye.

The world is same with yesterday and time still goes.

Only i have been changed.

My precious memories have disappeared in the winds.

The wind blows over my head.

I'm shedding my tears.


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