Traditional Korean Baby Sling a Hit Overseas

The traditional Korean baby carrier blankets called podaegi are a hit among young hipster parents in the U.S. and elsewhere. Podaegi, which is basically a large piece of cloth with two straps, has become a popular item on online shopping sites. A U.S. online shopping site for young parents called togetherbe features photos of the Korean-style baby carrier and instructions on how to use it.

The website introduces it as a traditional Korean form of carrying babies close to a parent's body. It adds that podaegi "can be tied around the adult and baby" with the straps attached and "it's a perfect fit with every tie, resulting in superior carrying comfort for both mom and baby!"

Podaegi are also being sold on other websites including Cotton Cradles trading baby carriers of natural fabric. A search for podaegi on Google and other international portal sites leads to content uploaded by people who created their own podaegi along with photos or video clips of mothers carrying their babies in one.

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