What was the most delicious or terrible foreign food to you?

One of my friends told me his travel story yesterday. He went on a trip to China, Korea, Japan for about a month. He said he felt very satisfied with foods of those countries except for some stalls' foods(made from anonymous bugs) in china that make people little disgusted. He told me that the most delicious food for him was Korean style's roasted bacon named sam gyup sal. He was quite surprised that people were roasting pork on a caldron lid and there were all sorts of bacon dishes seasoned with wine, garlic, green tea, red pepper paste, mulberry leaves etc. I heard that bacon is more popular in asia than other countries but I didn't know how much they love it before. He said that I should try Korea's tteokbokki and Japan's Nabemono too. In my case, Dumplings jammed with glass noodles in Korea were the best food and Oily fried pork dishes in china were the worst food.


  1. Keep it up..Nice video.I like this..And I'm completely agree with you ..I enjoyed this article..Thank you..Sam`s Chinese Restaurant

  2. hello teju patel. thank you for the reply. I'll read the article you linked it would be an interesting story.


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