Well-being Korean Food!

One of my friend who was little bit fat is going on a diet lately. She has already failed many times before. Sometimes, she didn't eat anything and she ran for 2~3 hours everyday but all of these weren't effective. She always gained weight again in a few days.

Last week, We met in a Korean food restaurant. She looked quite slim and has a good shape. She said that she has rice and vegetables as her staple foods in these days. She has cooked them by herself with no seasoning and little salt and oil. Whenever she eats out, she usually goes to a Korean or Japanese food restaurant. She gets some information
reading Michelin guide book (The world restaurant guide book) to go a good Asian food restaurant.

She recommended some Korean food and Japanese food to me for diet. Yesterday, While watching some youtube videos, I tried to make one "bibimbap"(rice+vegetables+some meat+sesame oil+gochujang: red pepper paste)

It was little bit spicy but tasted good. I would like to challenge another food in this week. Have you ever tried making it? There are lots of food to make simply. Look for some videos in Youtube.

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