Korea-US FTA agreement will lead to economic recovery

After much difficulty and hurdles for the past 4 years, 'Korea-US FTA Agreement' has passed the Korean Congress. However, wrong informations and rumors have been spreading on internet and SNS, creating social conflicts and disbelief.
This is very regretful. Many economic experts are expecting economic betterment and job creation opportunities.
Additionally, many nations, such as Japan and China, are envious and anxious of the changes to come from this Korea-US FTA agreement.
Through this FTA, Korea can now trade with 60% of the world's market, extending its economic territory. Korea will now stand a better chance at its exporting competition, and this FTA shall be a green light for the economy.
The road to this agreement has been rough, so everyone must cooperate, try to understand the real meanings of the FTA, and participate in the betterment of this nation.

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  1. Agreements

    The area of financial solutions,FTA will improve use of the Japanese market and increased visibility and reasonable strategy to U.S.


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