The futile death of the 37-year-strong dictator, Kim Jong-Il

Kim Jong-Il, who died a sudden death in a train, had his 70 years of life full of lies from the very beginning.
He never served in military; however, he was called "the Great General". He starved millions to death, but he was still called "the Great Leader", and "People's General". With these flase titles, he had his 37 years of reign of terror.
He has been in power since 1980, after he was picked as the heir to Kim Il-Sung in 1974, when he was only 33 years old. After Kim Il-Sung's death in 1997, he began his "military-first policy", "the march of suffering", "the Great Leader's politics", and "the Greatest Nation policy", and so on, becoming more of an absolute authority than a feudal lord.
His list of crimes against humanity goes on forever. Son of a criminal who killed 5 million through the Korean War, he committed the bombing of Burma in 1983, bombing of KAL858 in 1987, the sinking of Cheonan, the shelling of Yeonpyong islands, many more terror activities, and starving 2~3 million people to death with ruthless nuclear development and the failure of economic reform.
Hwang Jang-yup, ex-secretary of North Korea who defected, has said that Kim Jong Il is "a traitor to a whole people who killed his own people ruthlessly and turned the entire nation into a prison."
Only his new heir, Kim Jong-Un, can get his people out of this bondage. We can only hope that he will open up to international conversations and cooperation.

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