N.Korean Women in Military

N.Korea has thought that Army is always first and They have trained about 1.2 milion soldiers. female soldiers are about 120,000. Lately, it is said that N.Korea gradually increases female soldiers. this like change is based on Kim jongil's order. Since the severe famine and frequent defections, There isn't enough N.Korean guys to join the Army.

So now North Korea's Army lowered the age of conscription to 15 years old and adjusted the standard of body size to above 145cm. Once conscripted, they have to be disciplined strongly like guys and arranged at combat units intensively.

Some of people send their daughter to the army because they want them to be free from the food problem. but N.Korea's army also hasn't enough food, they have to seek out foods to offer to their military troop. Now a lot of female soldiers suffer from malnutrition. some of them have pernicious anemia and lose their menstruate.


  1. Interesting point to note but on what basis they have decided I do not understand. They are not healthy and they seem to be so weak. They are so vulnerable.

    Just of food they join Military? Pathetic. But no one to rescue them? Good God.

  2. thank you for a comment. as you know, North Korea regard the army as the most important thing in their country. they are trying to expand it more and more in spite of the severe food shortage. I heard that they usually save some food to ration for soldiers. this point makes more people join the army. (but all military can't be rationed. their military troops are classified and evaluated by it's level)


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