IAAF World Championship Stars! In South Korea, Daegu in 30 days!

IAAF World Championships 2011 is in 30 days. This competition this year in Daegu is expected to be the biggest championships ever, with 207 nations with 2,472 atheletes participating.

This championship sets for next year's London Olympics. Usain Bolt (an international athelete), Jeremy Wariner, Powell, and other popular atheletes are getting ready. Isinbayeva(set new records for pole vault jumping 27 times), China's Ryusang, South America's Pistorius are also getting ready for Daegu Championships, and many expect this to be a successful event.

Moreover, South Korea has hosted 1988 Summer Olympics and 2002 World Cup successfully, so now they have finished all preparation for this Championships and are now waiting for the opening day.
2011 Daegu International IAAF World Championship begins on the 27th of August, and ends on the 4th of September. Perhaps you should consider having an exciting time watching the world's best atheletes competing in Daegu.

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