Putting down millions of dollars for Kim Il-Sung's body?

Is this North Korea's way of 'planking'?
North Korea's Kim family has been the comic icon of the world to get laughed at.
Living in their own little magical world...
That is North Korea.
Doing everything imaginable to maintain their 3-generation power inheritance.
A while ago the funny news around the town was that Kim Jong-Un had gotten over 6 plastic surgeries to look like his grandad...
Now they say that they have spent a million dollars to preserve Kim Il-Sung's body, and spend 800,000 dollars every year to maintain it.
Recently, North Korean people have been suffering greatly from a terrible famine...
And they spend millions of dollars to preserve their dictatorship - a dead body?
Apparently 'planking' has been the popular thing to do all over the world...
And this is North Korea's version of planking.

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