Anything needs to be freezed to eat for her

As you see, She looks a usual korean girl (22 years old). but She has an unnatural appetite.

she always keep boxes of ice on fridge.

Freezed nuts

Freezed bacon

a freezed can coffee. For eating this, she have to cut the can with scissors.

freezed seaweed soup

dried radish greens sherbet

Freezed rice balls

Freezed Ramen


Freezed tofu

Freezed tteokboki

Freezed sundae

huhh...while uploading pictures, I feel so displeased. As for me, I eat ice the only time when I want to drink something cool. I don't like iced something as much as than She. She is a special korean woman. What a strong stomach she has. If I were she, I would be dead by diarrhea.

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