The Worst of The Worst for human rights violation "North Korea"

In January, 'Freedom House', an international human rights organization, selected North Korea as the worst human rights violating nation for the 39th year in a row. This time, in the report 'the most restrictive society, worst of the worst 2011', North Korea took the medal once again.

'The worst of the worst' nations were total 9 nations, including North Korea, China, Cuba, and Syria. North Korea has 23 million citizens in slave status, over 200,000 in political prisons, and human rights violations like torture, forced labor and malnutrition are commonplace.
What's more surprising is that North Korean Central TV claimed last month that North Korea ranked the 2nd in the "World Happiness Score", with the China the first place.

Even internet communities from China and Cuba heavily criticized those reports and the news had to be taken down.It is frustrating and sad for North Korean citizens, who have to live under the tyranny and fear of Kim family's regime.

North Korea's Kim family must now realize that they will not be able to dodge the storm of 'Jasmine revolution' if they keep on with their human rights violations.

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