An English couple's first impression on Korea 60 years ago

60s Korea Seoul City

'Cons-Marie' couple from England, a pair of doctors that offered volunteer medical services to refugees and children after a devastating Korean War 60 years ago, released the photos and their opinions from that time.
Dr. Cons was working at the Westminster hospital during 1952, saw the harsh reality of Korea then on BBC TV, and decided to come to Korea with his wife and begin his medical volunteering.

Cons-Marie Couple

They arrived in Korea and started working at the Gunsan Hospital with 2 dollars a month pay to treat children and the injured. The wife, Marie, founded a nursing school at the hospital to educate nurses.
When they left England, they thought they were going to help the Koreans out there. But when they arrived and started working, despite the poverty and hardships Koreans faced, they treated the couple like a family member, and they were deeply impressed.

As they sent out the colored pictures recently, they said "to Koreans, once you're a friend, you're a friend forever." They said they can never forget the first impression they had with Korea and they are thankful and proud of Korea for becoming the top 10 economic power in the world, and a nation of free democracy.

60s Korea Shelter

                                                   60s Korea Tapgol Park

60s Korea gunsan city's market

  60s Korea Bus

60s Korean Kids who lost their parents

2011 Korea Seoul City

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  1. I loved Seoul of the 60's and 61 so much that I left there with a complete family. My new wife and her Mom and two brothers and today I still have the wife but now only one brother.
    Sadly now Seoul is now just another big city with all the same problems as most big cities. My wife no longer visits because of the North Korean problem... 304th Signal Bat. Hansen and Wife


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