U.S ambassador's meaningful Bicycle tour

Last year, U.S ambassador-Stephenson joined "Bicycle Tour" to honor of the deads in Korean War in 1950 and improve U.S-Korea's alliance. This year, She joined this tour again and visited a pear farm in Cheonan city, Korea to wrap up the pears that She already inseminated a month ago. People living in this city warmly welcomed her and her participation. She is called Pear lover. She said that She especially loves Korean pears which have rich taste & flesh.

She has emphasized on the ratification of US-KOREA FTA. She said,"Once FTA is ratified by both parties. Korean produces has more strong competitiveness in U.S Market." After this, She has a plan to visit the grave of Admiral Lee sun shin who is the most famous admiral to protect Korea against Japanese aggression and to continue her Korea tour.

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