Do you Know Boat People?

the boat that they used for defection to South Korea

Last 11th June, 9 North Koreans(5 adults & 4 children) defected to South Korea. This like group defection is third since 2000. Most of their defection route is Ocean way. Last Feb, 31 North Koreans defected to South Korea for the failure in the ship. like this, 4 people of them expressed their wish to live in South Korea. But at that time, North Korea insisted that this is the compulsory abduction and detainment. North Korea attributed their faults to South Korea.

this 9 North Koreans are now investigated by authorities. They said, "We defected from North for severe hunger and We don't return again." Many experts said, this like group defection is resulted from North Korea's problems in many parts such as ruined economy policy, heavy shortage of food, the hereditary & suppression. North Korea has little excuse for the defections. the responsibility of this problem is on the shoulder on Kim jong il dynasty.

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