The reign of terror in North Korea

North Korea has said that they will be the powerful country in 2012 since 1998. Next year is the centenary year of Kim il seong's (former dictator of North Korea) birth and 70th his son Kim jong il's birth. So they have to actualize what they said "the powerful country" in 2012. But As you know, North Korea has been unstable under Kims' dictatorial government for 60years and they may face to second crisis. (a severe shortage of food). a few days ago, a certain broadcasting reported that Kim joing il killed the ministry of finance called Park namgi who was charged crime with the failure of currency reform & concealment of dollars. Mr. Park was shortly dead by 99 shots in public. it is said that Mr. Park was a supporter of Kim jong il & his son Kim jong eun. but he couldn't be saved and was killed with being falsely charged with all faults of North Korea's reform.

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