Korean guys loved by Japanese women

Loved Korean guys?

Japan weekly magazine "Ang-Ang"'s recent issue covered "the popularity of Korean guys in Japanese women". Korean guys who cover all of the date costs and prepare the presents for their lover in a timely manner are getting popular in Japan that Dutch treat is usual. Also, this magazine investigated Korean guys under 30 years old who live in Japan. they got information such as their general characters, their mind to love and introduced a japanese woman's love episode with her Korean boy friend. they described Korean guys

1) Korean guys confess their love first when they have an woman to love

2) Korean guys consider women's style more than their personality

3) 1 of 3 Korean guys are persistent to get love. although they are dumped, they challenge again

4) Korean guys are generally conservative. So they don't confess love to whom has a lover

5) their favorite girls type is Sexy

6) Korean guys think common senses & their family very important things to choose an woman

Several points that japanese women feel odd to Korean guys are 2 things, First is Couple look, there are a lot of couples wearing same cloths in Korea. But Japanese are usually care of other people's attention. So they have little aversion about Couple Look. Second is affection. they said, Korean guys often express affection. One of japanese woman who have an experience to love with a Korean guy said, "they express their love very fast. My Korean boyfriend took about 2 weeks to say "I like you, I love you".

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