Weird Korean items making Foreigners surprised

1. Couple-T

You can see many couples wearing couple-T in Korea. Some Korean couples also wear same shoes and bag.

2. Jukbuin

You can think jukbuin the Korean style pillow. Koreans usually use this in summer season.
Because it makes people feel cool when people taking a nap with it.

3. Italian Food with Pickles

You can easily get Pickles in Korea. If you order a pizza, you can get them and if you order some italian foods(pasta or risotto) in restaurant, you can get them too.

4. 24 hours Kimbap world , 24 hours convenience store,
    24 Delivery service, 24 hours Internet cafe

Koreans can stay up with no hunger !

5. jjimjilbang (Korean style dry sauna)

6. Various Coupons & Free samples

Coupons getting a discount

Free cosmetic samples

Coupons getting sealed (If you collect all circles sealed, you can get a free cup of coffee)

You can get above things (free coupons & cosmetic samples) easily in Korea.
You can collect some stickers or coupons or cards (getting seal) well and get a discount.

7. Unique Snacks & Food

Shrimp Cracker - Saewoo kkang (Korean Name)

Banana Cracker - Banana Kick (Korean Name)

Shrimp Burger ( with Shrimp patti)

7. Couple Ring

In Korea, Many couples wear rings as a symbol of their love and to show "We are a couple"
Couple ring is little different with an engagement ring & wedding ring, it doesn't have not that much serious meaning than those rings'

8. Odorful  Crayon

Smell good ! Crayon

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