Chairman Kim goes back home with an empty wagon...?


With much speculation and stories, Kim finished his week-long visit to China and went back to North Korea. This is his 9th visit since 1983.
His luxurious visit and excessive protection brought much criticism and contempt among Chinese internet population, and we can see their now-different perception on Kim.
One Chinese tweets, "traffic control is killing me. What are you here to beg for now?" Also, he spent a whole week traveling 5,000km in a super luxurious train, but this didn't even get included in the top 50 internet search during that time. We can now see that Chinese interest in Kim has dwindled down and now it's nothing but annoyance.
This sudden visit to China really showed the desperate state North Korea is in with food crisis, power inheritance, stability of the government and maintaining the political system.
This time he brought his old brittle self and went on a week-long train ride(pure struggle). But when asked by the Chinese about denuclearization, South-North talk, and open economy, Kim could not decide and headed back home with an empty wagon (train).
Perhaps the only way for Kim to fill up the empty wagon and food storage is to give up nuclear weapons, be honest and talk, and accept open society.

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