Korea's chuseok

Chuseok is korea's big holiday. Chuseouk means the half month of August(lunar calendar) In these days, Korean people gather in the houses of their relatives and eat many delicious foods and have a good time.
I would like to introduce typical chuseouk foods
                                        1. Song pyeon, Song pyeon is a kind of rice cakes.
2. Toran soup(taro soup)
2. Jeon(pan cake), Korean jeon is very light and nuturitious
3.Well-oiled vegetables, Generally it is said that  vegetables are very nuturitious and light but oiled vegetables have high-calorie.
4. Nureum juk or Hwayang juk (a kind of egg-coated shish kebab )
5. Japchae(mixed dish of boiled bean threads)
6. Yack gwa(cookies made with flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon and ginger juice )
7. Yugwa(oil-and-honey pastry )

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