Walking as a healing process

A few years ago, I visited Jeju island. Jeju island is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese. The island's mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate, make it very similar to the Hawaiian islands in the US. The island offers a wide range of activities, such as hiking on Halla mountain, catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing majestic waterfalls, or just lying around on sandy beaches. 

My favorite place on Jeju island is the Olle trail. Olle is the Jeju dialect for a narrow pathway that is connected from the street to the front gate of a house. The scenic views attract many tourists. Recently, I heard that the second World Trail Conference would take place in Jeju island. Moreover, Ollivier Bernard, who wrote the book 'Longue Marche' will be participating at the conference. Ollivier Bernard walked to find meaning in life when he was depressed, which I can sympathize with. If you are interested in coming to Jeju, I recommend the Olle trail.

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