N. Korea Ready to Decide on Flood Aid if Deal is Sweet Enough

North Korea says it's ready to make a decision whether to accept flood aid from South Korea if Seoul offers what it wants.

A government official said Pyongyang asked South Korea to send a list of relief supplies and the volume of supplies that would be provided if it agrees to accept flood aid. The official said North Korea conveyed its request via the Red Cross channel at the truce village of Panmunjeom on Monday and added it hopes to discuss matters related to flood relief supplies in the future.

The official explained Pyongyang did not say it was accepting Seoul’s offer to provide flood aid but that it would decide whether to hold talks over assistance if South Korea offers rice or cement, which are North Korea's main items of interest.

Last Monday, the South Korean government proposed to the North’s government that they hold working-level talks on flood relief aid at a convenient time and place.

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