Greedy Japan

In 1884, Japan arbitrarily included Daoyu islands into their territory. In 1904, they did the same thing with Dokdo. At the moment, Japan invaded neighboring countries and walked a path of imperialism by expanding their territory.

Their inclusion of Daoyu islands and Dokdo is therefore, illegal. Daoyu islands are shown as part of Fujian province in a Chinese map dating back to 1865. In the case of Dokdo, not only ancient Korean maps, but also in Japanese literature recorded Dokdo as Korean territory.

Even though there is objective evidence and records, Japan remains firm of their scheme to usurp territory. As a war criminal nation that took part in World War II, Japan refuses to repent, but instead tries to reenact their shameful past of imperialism. If Japan continues their efforts to be ignorant, the international community must raise the danger level on Japan's rash actions.

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