Yang Wins S.Korea's 1st Olympic Gold in Gymnastics

Yang Hak-seon has won South Korea's first ever Olympic gold in gymnastics in the men's vault event at the London Olympics on Monday local time.

In the final of the men's vault event held at the North Greenwich Arena 1, the 19-year-old Yang performed last out of the eight finalists and took the gold with a score of 16-point-533 points.

In his first try out of the two vault attempts, Yang showcased his technically advanced signature move named after him called "The Yang Hak-seon," which is a triple-twisting handspring front somersault.

Korea has competed in gymnastics events since the 1984 LA Olympics but has only won silver and not one gold medal yet.

Russia's Denis Ablyazin took the silver with an average of 16-point-399 points followed by Igor Radivilov of Ukraine at 16-point-316.

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