Psy entertains 30,000 fans ‘Gangnam style’

Singer Psy entertained over 30,000 audience members at his solo concert at the Jamsil Sports Complex Stadium in Seoul on Saturday.

The show was Psy’s first concert following the release of his latest album, titled “Gangnam Style,” last month.

The album’s title track, as well as its unique “horse riding” dance, has been receiving sensational reviews worldwide. The music video of the song, which has received more than 24 million views on YouTube, was featured on CNN, in the Los Angeles Times, and on France’s M6 TV, prior to his Saturday performance.

Psy performed most of his hits, including “Champion,” “The Paradise,” “Right Now” and “Gangnam Style,” during the show which went on for more than three hours.

The concert, titled “Psy’s Summer Stand: The Drenched Show,” made sure the audience was “drenched,” with water constantly spewing out from the stage during the performance. The 30,000-strong crowd, uniformly dressed in blue-colored raincoats provided by the concert producer, waved glow sticks in excitement.

Reporters from foreign media outlets, including CNN, ABC, Wall Street Journal and Reuters were present to cover the concert.

K-pop girl group 2NE1, singer Sung Si-kyung, and comedian Noh Hong-cheol appeared as guest artists.

The show was temporarily suspended after a stage curtain caught fire during the fireworks that accompanied the performance of Psy’s 2000 song “The End.” The concert resumed after the fire was put out. No one was hurt.

After Psy went off the stage upon the finale, “Gangnam Style” played through the speakers and the audience danced the famous “horse riding” dance to the music as a group. Seemingly touched, Psy returned to the stage and downed a bottle of soju on the spot to show his appreciation for his fans.

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