Protecting the environment or Protecting the nation

The construction of jeju navy base has still remained as a controversial issue for several years in Korea. Yesterday, IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources) appraised that jeju navy base is inevitable for Korea. 

Korea has pushed forward this project to enhance navy force and to protect territorial sea from Chinese' illegal fishing and secure their sea routes since 2007. jeju navy base is being built as a beautiful harbor to vitalize the economy of jeju island but some environmental and religious organizations and left wing parties have strongly opposed to this project. 

Korean government has had a difficult time pushing it on. I think most of Korean left parties have an intention to use it to destabilize current government and they want to take the advantageous position in the presidential election this year. 

Personally, I support IUCN's opinion and I think jeju navy base should be completed for Korean. Korean don't need to take care of unnecessary and unrelated issues raised by impure protesters. 

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