Nami island in Chuncheon city

Recently, Nami island has been swamped with lots of travelers. Nami island is a famous travel spot in Korea's Chuncheon city where Winter Sonata(Korean drama) was filmed. Nami island isn't far from Seoul and it takes about an hour to get to from Seoul. 

Nami island has an wide green filed and chestnut tree forest, birch tree & pine nut tree roads. Nami island is famous for its leisure facilities like good villas, bungalows, swimming pools, concert halls etc. For four seasons, lots of people come to here and enjoy their free time. It's expected that about 2 million people will visit Nami island because 2018 Winter Olympic will be held in Pyeongchang close to Chuncheon city. 

What about making memories with your family or lovers in Nami island covered with wild flowers and green fields? 

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