Korean Denies Marriage to Putin's Daughter Again

A Korean man has once again denied rumors that he is to marry the youngest daughter of Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin.

The rumors, which were widely reported in the press, "are false," Yoon Joon-won (28) told TV Chosun in an interview on Friday. 

Yoon has previously spoken about dating Yekaterina Putin for around 10 years. "But we stopped seeing each other a year and a half ago when the press first reported rumors of our impending marriage," Yoon said. "These days we speak to each other once in a while." 

Some websites on Friday cited intelligence sources here as saying Yoon, the son of a former Korean Navy admiral, was scheduled to marry Putin (26) next month. "I don't know why these rumors keep surfacing even tough I’ve clearly stated they are not true," Yoon said. "I'm in Korea on business and not to prepare for my marriage."

Yoon used to work at the Russian branch of Samsung Electronics but resigned when the story first broke. He is reportedly working for a Russian state-run company now. 

Meanwhile, Yekatarina Putin recently visited Korea and left on Friday, according to some news reports.

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