We should save N.Korean defectors

North Korea is the only country in the last 60 years that has successfully passed on totalitarian power for 3 generations.
The important thing is not that there has been a 3 generation of hereditary succession of dictatorship, but that the 3 generation of Kim's were obssessed with the military and nuclear weapons that its people are barely surviving off what little they have. The Kim's completely turned North Korea into one of the poorest country in the world.

Likewise, when rations from authorities stopped, the people of North Korea began to steal for food, and crime rates rose, and the number of defectors are also increasing. Some soldiers even resort to raiding houses. North Korea is obviously facing a crisis more serious than anybody can imagine.
At the moment, around 300,000 to 400,000 people including political criminals, violent offenders are being held in North Korean prison camps, prisons, and concentration camps. They are being tortured, harassed, put into forced labor, sexually assaulted, and some are being inhumanely executed in public.
The North Korean regime's inhumane acts does not stop at the places mentioned above. The inhumanity is widespread in the North Korean society by oppressing its people by taking away their basic human rights, such as right to life, and freedom. Often, North Koreans choose to defect risking their lives.
Recently the Chinese repatriated North Korean defectors to North Korean authorities. UN Amnesty has requested China not to repatriate the defectors, and the French Amnesty are urging North Korea to stop its inhumane actions through various campaigns, and submitting signatures to the UN in April.
In order to bring stability to its country, the North Korean regimes must embrace democracy and liberalization instead of coercion.

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  1. Is there anything I could do to help them?


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