Korea's 2012 presidential election is in danger?

Last December, after the death of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il, Kim, Jong-Un (28) has risen to power, and has been working to secure his influence within the new regime.

Ever since the succession, the young Kim has been expressing criticism towards the ROK, and preparing a large-scale birthday party for the deceased Kim, Jong-Il, which will take place on Feb 16.

After Kim, Jong-Il's funeral, the frequency of criticism towards the ROK has increased, expressions used in the criticism has become more explicit, and political interventions have become more frequent compared to the past. Lately, the DPRK has become more responsive towards events in the ROK. The DPRK has been reporting news of the ROK's politics in detail, including the news of the election committee, the Blue House, and DDoS attacks.

Moreover, the DPRK has been and still is using profane language such as retarded, immoral person, to describe the ROK.

Although in the past, criticisms towards the ROK has been lead by the Uriminzokkiri through the propaganda site, 'Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea,' recent propaganda attacks mobilized all possible mediums.

These heated propagandas are assumed to target the general election in April, and the presidential election in December. The propaganda and criticism is to gain the 'hegemony' in the relationship with the ROK.

The new leader of the DPRK, Kim, Jong-Un, should not focus on the idolization and the birthday of his deceased father, but should focus on solving the food shortages.

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