CNN selected the best & worst movies in 2011

Most of movies awarded are quite abstruse and boring but I often get to see those movies first whenever I go to a theater. Yesterday, I heard the news CNN selected the 10 best movies in 2011 and searched for the list and listed 5 worst movies too. lollol Your highness is listed in worst 5 movies.

Have you ever seen it? lollol I totally couldn't understand why the director made this movie that made all of the characters look morons. Hopefully, I found the movie named "Poetry" looking quite cool. Its story is that an old lady who has Alzheimer's disease comes to know that her grandson committed a crime while learning poetries and she confesses his guilty.

"Poetry" won the award for its scenario in Cannes Film Festival 2010 and U.S village voice ranked its heroine-Yun jung hee as 4th in the best movie actresses. I think scenario is the base of all movies and the most important factor to make movies good or awful. I'd like to try this movie, Do you know any other movies(not listed) to recommend?

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