Korea, the champion of eSports


Korea won the first place for 4 years straight at the world's biggest game festival, World Cyber Games(WCG) 2011.

WCG Grand Final 2011, held at BEXCO Busan from the 8th till 11th, Korean team received 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and a bronze medal, the grand winner overall.
The team had its moments of danger, but overcame it eventually to win for 4 years straight, 7 times total. Korea also set the record of scoring 4 gold medals during the Grand Final.

Now Korea has made itself offically the champion of the eSports. We look forward to another nation stepping up to better the Korean players for more exciting competitions.
We also hope that this event grows into something more, a place of connection for young people regardless of nationality, language, and culture.

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