Korea and Australia opens a new door to defense cooperation

South Korean Minister of Defense Kim Kwan Jin's visit to Australia is the first of a Korean Defense Minister to visit the Oceanian nation in 6 years since former Minister of Defense Yoon Kwang-ung's visit in 2005. This particular visit was a product of making national defense conference regular during the Australian Prime Minister Gilbert's visit to South Korea last April. Minister Kim signed a memorandum of understanding with his Australian counterpart for a cooperative development of the two countries' exchange of national defense.
In the ROK-Australia memorandum of understanding signed at this conference consists of information regarding various fields of the two countries' national defense including invigorating a reciprocal exchange of high ranking military officials, cooperation in defense industries, and enhancement of information share.
Above all, exchange in national defense of Seoul and Canberra is expected to advance into a next phase following the memorandum of understanding.
Especially, Australia, for the strenghtening of its own army for self-defense, is known to have been interested in the Korean K-9 self-propelled artillery, T-50 advanced training jetplane, and submarines developed purely by the technologies of Korean defense industries which has the best qualities and firepower in the world. Therefore, this MOU agreement is projected to bring positive reactions to Australia's interest in Korean artilleries.
Korean Defense Minister Kim Kwan-Jin's visit to Australia was framed for the finale of the 50th year of ROK-Australia diplomatic relations establishment, which is why it included the agreement of MOU so as to open up a new era of national defense diplomatics.

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