North Korea's terror is going on?

There was a shocking news from Korea again. According to some korean magazines, North Korea has committed inhumane terrors using defectors. North Korean government forced them to commit terrors against S.Korea saying "If you do this, You and your family will be saved and treated well from now."

One defector who was arrested lately Mr. Ahn(54) said, "I was completely taken in by their sweet talk and I made a plan to kill some people who have deep hostility against north korea.(Mr. Kim dukhong, Mr. Park sang hak) using poisoned needles.

After having remitted 12,000 dollars to Mr.Ahn, North Korea's reconnaissance team delivered two poisoned guns and one poisoned needle, three poison pills to him through a spy to assassinate them in S.Korea. Before doing this, Mr.Ahn made a elaborate plan including the date and place, means for carrying out the assassination and he also prepared a plane ticket to Vietnam for his escape. South koreans were quite shocked and they raised their voice about the strict investigation into the defectors in S.Korea.

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