Do you want to be the best in e-sports?

I'm a gamer and like sudden attack and starcraft 2. I read some news that Lately, Korean progamers are sweeping the awards in Major league gaming, North America Star league, intech extreme masters etc. They seem to be top in various games. Many famous progamers are visiting to korea to challenge them. Most of star gamers receive top-notch treatment and salaries. So, it's quite difficult for them to begin again from the bottom in Korea. Now, they are quite struggling to win against korean progamers even in a ladder game not a real competition. Going to Korea is regarded by them as a required course. it's effect seem to be good for them. Some of people see that negatively. but I don't think, that is bad. As a gamer, I hope to improve my ability. if I have a chance to go there, I want to learn some skills.


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